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      Fr3sh Ways To Have Fun This Winter!

      Fr3sh Ways To Have Fun This Winter!

      What do you do with your time during the cold winter months? In celebration of the changing of the seasons, we asked the whole team here at Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches about their favorite winter activities! Spoiler alert; all of these pair excellently with our delicious tobacco free nicotine pouches! Read on to be inspired as to how you can keep busy this winter season while at the same time enjoying the expertly blended flavors that only Fr3sh can provide! Here are the top four answers!

      1. Indulge In Mountain Sports

      Yes, we know, mountain sports is a broad answer, but a trip to the mountains during the winter months offers a huge array of options for any winter time outdoor enthusiast! From skiing and snowboarding, to snowmobiling and snowshoeing and much more, it’s easy to get lost in any myriad of activities on the slopes or on the trails. East coasters may journey to Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont, while the west coasters make their way to Utah or Colorado, but no matter the choice the snowy alpine wonderland await! What makes any of these activities all the better is the fact that any and all of them can include your favorite flavor of Fr3sh Tobacco Free Pouches! Our pick for the wintertime slopes is the zesty uplifting sensation of the Fr3sh Mint Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch! Shred on!

      2. Attend A Hockey Game

      Although we are based in sunny Southern California, our team at Fr3sh is chock full of hockey fans! While we remain loyal to our local Anaheim Ducks, Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches are your faithful sidekick no matter who your favorite team may be. There are 32 NHL teams scattered about the country, but your chance to catch a game doesn’t end with the pros! There are college hockey teams all across the country, not to mention minor league games that each have the capacity to be equally exciting. Nothing beats the atmosphere and intensity of a winter time hockey game, and being able to pair the experience with your favorite Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch makes it all the better. See you in the stands!

      3. Travel To A Warm Locale

      Okay, we understand. Winter is not for everyone. For some of us, as soon as the mercury drops below a certain level, it’s time to start dreaming of a week on a beach, or on the deck of a fabulous cruise ship. The good news; Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches love to travel! Whether you are keeping it within the 50 states or headed overseas, there is no better travel companion than Fr3sh. Put aside the stinky ash, smoke and spit, and take some time to find peace and relaxation with your favorite Fr3sh Nicotine Pouch flavor!

      4. Take A Beer Tasting Tour

      When the cool weather finally rolls around, the beer enthusiast in all of us know that at the very least, we now have the opportunity to break out the dark beers! Over the past several years, craft breweries have seen a strong resurgence, meaning that wherever you may live, odds are that there’s a great local brewery serving up locally crafted beer. Our office favorites include specialty blended IPAs that harken to the holiday season, and of course a hearty Imperial Stout! So open up your tastebuds to all new beer sensations next to a cozy fireplace, and maybe even toss in a delicious Fr3sh Coffee flavored nicotine pouch to take the edge off! No matter your preferences, few things beat a winter beer when the weather outside is frightful!

      Regardless of the way you choose to embrace winter time, Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are always there to satisfy. Bringing you all of the flavor and satisfaction you want, without any trace of the tobacco plant, or the distasteful smells, sights and sounds of smoke and spit. Check out the many reviews on all of the various platforms and discover why users from all over are making the transition to Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches, and not looking back! Shop today!

      Fall Fun With Fr3sh!

      Fall Fun With Fr3sh!

      Is there any better time to get outside than during the fall season?! Maybe winter is a bit too harsh and summer is a bit too sweltering, but when looking for ‘just right’ the crisp autumn air may be just what the doctor ordered! Football, hiking or a good old visit to your favorite halloween haunt are just some of the active and fun activities that only fall can offer. With Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches, you have the freedom to dive into any of these excursions without the mess, smell or inconvenience that come along with traditional tobacco products. Fr3sh is truly a flavored nic pouch that goes where you go! Let’s dive into some fun facts about these classic fall activities!

      Football - 

      A sure sign of fall is the kickoff of college and professional football! Lazy Sundays on the couch, good times at the sports bar with friends, or exciting opportunities to see a game in person are the rewards! In years past, a step outside to have a cigarette would have meant that you missed the game changing play, had to step aside from your companions, or otherwise be the person responsible for the foul smell and smoke that no bystander appreciates. This is the year you don’t miss a moment! Grab a Fr3sh Mint Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch and find out why nic pouches are the gameday choice for any football fanatic. Just check out our Fr3sh nicotine pouch reviews, and see what all the fuss is about!

      Hiking - 

      While it is true that going on a great hike is something that can be enjoyed almost any time of year, it can certainly be argued that fall is the season that offers the most impressive opportunity. From New England Fall foliage to the more manageable temperatures in the south and southwest, the hiking experience fall offers can be second to none! State and Federal parks both restrict smoking within the bounds of their land, and as such taking an opportunity to have a cigarette along the way can land you a hefty fine! Zion National Park in Utah for example restricts smoking both to ward off the ever present fire dangers, as well as to keep bystanders from having to deal with the unpleasant odors that are sure to waft downtrail. Nicotine pouches offer the advantage of having zero combustion, and zero annoyances to bystanders! What’s even better than that? A nic pouch that features no tobacco! Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are here to offer you the ultimate in flavor and experience with none of the nasty!

      Halloween Festivities- 

      Pumpkin spice, and everything nice! Once fall hits, creepy season takes center stage. Whether you are one for a night in watching scary movies, or testing your nerves at the local haunted house, indulging in Halloween festivities is an annual rite of passage. For many, a trip out to historic Salem Massachusetts is a bucket list Halloween excursion! The city that was home to the infamous Witch Trials, is also home to a complete ban on flavored vaping products, and the expected accompanying restrictions on traditional tobacco. With Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches, you have the opportunity to enjoy delicious flavor while still satisfying your nicotine needs. From a cool and refreshing mint nic pouch all the way to an up and at ‘em coffee flavored nicotine pouch, the tobacco free nicotine options don’t have to be nearly as scary as the scenery! This Halloween don’t settle for the tobacco terrors, and give yourself the gift of a flavored nicotine pouch that always delivers!

      When the weather starts to cool, and the leaves begin to change, we all get the chance to slow down and adjust our lives towards the changing of the seasons. We’re sure that this Fall will bring countless opportunities to switch up your routine, and what better way to start than kicking tobacco to the curb? Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to nic pouches, and pick up a tin of your favorite flavored Fr3sh Nicotine Pouch! Be completely free of the distasteful smells, smoke and spit, and get ready for a world of new opportunities this fall! Get Fr3sh at a store near you today!

      Fr3sh To Attend The SSE HQ Events Trade Show In Las Vegas

      Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are excited to announce that they will be attending the 2021 SSE HQ Events Trade Show in Las Vegas! With a legacy dating back to the 90’s, HQ Events began as Headquest, one of the leading business to business trade alternative lifestyle trade magazines in the United States, HQ Events has evolved into a leading destination for buyers across multiple industries. From cannabis brands including CBD and Delta 8, all the way to convenience store and smoke shop staples, HQ Events is a springboard for brands looking to reach a larger audience. 

      Smoke shops and convenience stores represent a key opportunity for Fr3sh in furthering our mission towards creating a tobacco free world. As Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches are formulated using 100% tobacco free nicotine, current tobacco users who transition to Fr3sh pouches are able to completely separate themselves from tobacco for good. Establishing partnerships with retailers across many categories allows Fr3sh the opportunity to reach more of the tobacco users who may not yet have had access to Fresh’s revolutionary tobacco free pouches.

      Buyers at HQ Events will have the chance to meet the team behind the pouches and learn more about what makes Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches such an impressive value proposition. Attendees will be able to sample all four delicious Fr3sh flavors, including Mint, Coffee, Mango and Berries. Each Fr3sh flavor is available in 4mg nicotine strength as well as 6mg nicotine strength, to help ensure that there is a pouch that is appropriate for adults of all needs. 

      Thousands of tobacco stores, convenience stores and smoke shops already carry Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches, and we are confident that we will make more connections and meet many new friends at HQ Events Las Vegas! 

      Come visit us at our booth, which will be located at 109 Bellagio Avenue at HQ Events Las Vegas, at beautiful Caesars Palace July 21-22! We can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful Las Vegas Strip while also having the opportunity to introduce Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches to even more people! Together we can make the world a tobacco free place!

      Summertime Lifestyle With Fr3sh

      Summertime Lifestyle With Fr3sh

      Any longtime smoker knows the feeling. The moment when the urge to smoke that has been slowly creeping up reaches the breaking point. “Hey guys, I’m gonna be right back.” The combination of guilt and the feeling of missing moments, all for that instant gratification of nicotine brings the mood down one puff at a time.

      Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are here to keep you from ever having to lose the moment again. Fr3sh was made for those who seek a better alternative to traditional nicotine products, one that delivers the flavor and the satisfaction that keeps them living their best lives. Thinking about all of the exciting summer activities that Fr3sh makes all the better just makes the process of kicking tobacco not just tolerable, but fun! Here are four of our favorite summertime activities, that are all Fr3sh Nicotine Pouch approved!

      A Day At The Beach – Summer means hot days, and whether its the lake or the ocean the first thing that comes to mind is a trip to the beach with friends or family. But for a smoker, it can mean having to walk far away from your companions, only to return 15 minutes later with the foul stench of cigarettes wafting back with you. Fr3sh pouches are your no nicotine solution to sunbathing without the smoke, the spit or the hassle! Enjoy the tropical bliss of a Mango Fr3sh Pouch from the comfort of your lounge chair, and never be out of arms reach of your drink! That’s what we call a lifestyle upgrade.

      A Bonfire With Friends – There was a time when beer, smoking and bonfires were a summer staple. In 2021 times have changed, and the beer and the bonfire remain, but the smokers are asked to stay away. A non-tobacco nicotine pouch, however is a welcome addition! Pop in a Berry flavored Fr3sh Nicotine Pouch, throw some extra wood on the fire, and enjoy the summer nights the way they’re meant to be!

      The Baseball Game – What screams summer more than a day at the ballpark? In 2021, it’s not easy to have a day out with friends or family as a smoker. Is there even a smoking section at the stadium? If so, where? The unnecessary stress and isolation that ensues can be maddening. Wouldn’t it be nice to curb that nicotine craving without ever having to leave your seat? Fr3sh is the perfect non tobacco pouch solution for that very problem! Imagine doing the seventh inning stretch, while enjoying the invigorating flavor of a Fr3sh Coffee Nicotine Pouch. Aside from the home team winning, few things could be better!

      The Summertime Trip – Summer days create that itch to be outside and moving! Whether it be long hours in the car on the way to your exciting destination, or on a plane next to total strangers, scratching that nicotine itch can be a hassle. No longer when you come prepared with Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches! Stay fresh the whole time with the unbelievably cool flavor of a Mint Fr3sh pouch! Explore the world and curb your cravings, without any of the smell, smoke or spit!

      The lifestyle upgrades that come with a transition away from traditional nicotine products help to give you back the freedom and time you once lost to tobacco products. At Fr3sh, our mission is to help adults everywhere move away from tobacco products for good. Be sure to check out the all new Fr3sh rewards program, and if you love our product, leave us a review! We love to hear from you!

      Fr3sh Attends TPE21

      Fr3sh Attends TPE21

      The Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch made it’s trade-show debut at TPE Las Vegas this past month. Presenting the ground-breaking tobacco free nicotine blend to tobacco industry stakeholders proved to be a massive success. Visitors to the Fr3sh trade show booth were introduced to and given the opportunity to sample all four of the Fr3sh nicotine pouch flavors, including Mint, Mango, Coffee and Berries. The mission of Fr3sh is to introduce the world to the truly tobacco free nicotine alternative that these delicious and convenient pouches represent.

      There is no better venue than a trade show such as TPE21 to help illustrate the many lifestyle benefits that come with a truly spit-free and smoke-free nicotine alternative. Whether show-goers were transiting through areas of the convention center in which smoking is prohibited, or lounging in the hotel lobby after the show with colleagues, a Fr3sh pouch presented the perfect solution for the moment.

      Not only was Fr3sh able to illustrate the convenient lifestyle features of Fr3sh, but we were able to come to agreements with several distributors. We know a common question asked by consumers is “where can I buy Fr3sh nicotine pouches?” Our goal is to ensure that access to these life-changing products to legal adults is as simple and effortless as possible, and TPE 21 helped move us closer to that goal. We won’t be satisfied until Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches are available in every corner store.

      Both consumers and our valued stores can continue to count on three things; a product that delivers exceptional flavor and satisfaction, the quality and consistency at the value you expect, and of course newfound freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve, without the smoke, spit and inconvenience.

      Join us today at getfr3sh.com to learn more, or to buy your Fr3sh nicotine pouches online! We look forward to making the world a tobacco free place with your help!