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      Fr3sh Attends TPE21

      Fr3sh Attends TPE21

      The Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouch made it’s trade-show debut at TPE Las Vegas this past month. Presenting the ground-breaking tobacco free nicotine blend to tobacco industry stakeholders proved to be a massive success. Visitors to the Fr3sh trade show booth were introduced to and given the opportunity to sample all four of the Fr3sh nicotine pouch flavors, including Mint, Mango, Coffee and Berries. The mission of Fr3sh is to introduce the world to the truly tobacco free nicotine alternative that these delicious and convenient pouches represent.

      There is no better venue than a trade show such as TPE21 to help illustrate the many lifestyle benefits that come with a truly spit-free and smoke-free nicotine alternative. Whether show-goers were transiting through areas of the convention center in which smoking is prohibited, or lounging in the hotel lobby after the show with colleagues, a Fr3sh pouch presented the perfect solution for the moment.

      Not only was Fr3sh able to illustrate the convenient lifestyle features of Fr3sh, but we were able to come to agreements with several distributors. We know a common question asked by consumers is “where can I buy Fr3sh nicotine pouches?” Our goal is to ensure that access to these life-changing products to legal adults is as simple and effortless as possible, and TPE 21 helped move us closer to that goal. We won’t be satisfied until Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches are available in every corner store.

      Both consumers and our valued stores can continue to count on three things; a product that delivers exceptional flavor and satisfaction, the quality and consistency at the value you expect, and of course newfound freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you deserve, without the smoke, spit and inconvenience.

      Join us today at getfr3sh.com to learn more, or to buy your Fr3sh nicotine pouches online! We look forward to making the world a tobacco free place with your help!


      Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches Are Now Featured With AATAC!

      Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches Are Now Featured With AATAC!

      Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches are proud to announce that we are now a featured product with AATAC. AATAC is a national association established in 2003, seeking to connect retailers with quality, forward looking and innovative products, such as the Fr3sh Nicotine Pouches. Boasting a combined reach of nearly 80,000 stores across the country, AATAC’s network is a perfect fit when it comes to introducing the Fr3sh Tobacco Free Pouches to a market in which consumers are actively seeking out alternatives to traditional nicotine products, such as dip and cigarettes.

      As AATAC is partnered with operators of recognizable brands as Circle K, 7-Eleven, Sunoco, 76 and more, the opportunity for Fr3sh to appear alongside traditional nicotine products presents a much needed alternative for consumers. With Fr3sh, one does not need to step away from their daily activities in order to satisfy their nicotine needs. Whether waiting in the airport, taking an uber to work, or simply out at the bar with friends or colleagues, with Fr3sh there is never a need to separate oneself from a social setting. Spitless, odorless and non intrusive to those around the user, Fr3sh is able to fit seamlessly into a users schedule while at the same time helping remove tobacco from the equation entirely.

      Utilizing only the best ingredients, Fr3sh nicotine pouches put quality and consistency of both flavor and experience as it’s foremost priority. Not all tobacco free nicotine is created the same; Fr3sh is manufactured using only TFN Nicotine from Next Generation Labs, the world’s foremost manufacturer of synthetic nicotine. When it comes to quality, taste and full confidence in a tobacco free nicotine product, nobody comes close.

      Regardless if one is seeking to start a day off right with the Robust Fr3sh Coffee flavored nicotine pouch, or relaxing after a delicious meal with the Fr3sh Mint flavor nicotine pouch, Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine pouches and each of the flavors have been designed from the ground up to meet the demands and needs of everyday users. Available in 4mg nicotine pouches and 6mg nicotine pouches, the question of how much nicotine is in a pouch is now a thing of the past. Convenience store owners and operators can trust in the Fr3sh solution to help demonstrate value to their customers while at the same time working to move the world closer to being truly tobacco free.

      Are you a retailer looking for more information as to what makes Fr3sh nicotine pouches different from the rest? Our wholesale team is standing by and ready to help!

      What Is TFN Nicotine?

      What is TFN Nicotine?

      TFN® Nicotine is produced by Next Generation Labs (‘NGL’), who have been the world leader in patented synthetic nicotine technology since 2014. Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine pouches are proud to be an approved partner of TFN® Nicotine, coming together to deliver truly groundbreaking alternative nicotine products. As an authorized partner of TFN® Nicotine, Fr3sh Tobacco Free Nicotine Pouches stand above the rest, providing the flavors and satisfaction you need, with the highest quality ingredients you can trust. NextGenerationLabs and Fr3sh Tobacco Free Pouches are poised to take the next step in creating a truly tobacco free world.

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